Fishing Lake Mohave – Bass Fest!

Things were awesome on our trip fishing Lake Mohave. Me and my dad spent three full days chasing trophy Smallmouth, and Lake Mohave didn’t disappoint. We didn’t catch piles of fish, but the ones we did catch were good sized. Here are some of the logistics of our trip to help you try and chase some yourself. We also got some sweet video footage of the action for you to get a feel of what this lake can offer. Enjoy this post on fishing Lake Mohave to help you get “Kraken” Bass!
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The Best Wacky Rigging Set Ups for Bass Fishing

Wacky rigging soft plastics is an amazing technique. Here is everything you need to know about it to catch more bass. The wacky rig is known to give your soft plastic baits more action, and can be employed in a lot of different ways. This post will help you understand the basics of using this popular technique, and all the possible variations to wacky rigging. The mission here is to help you know the in’s and outs of the wacky rig to get you “Kraken” bass!
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Cranking Soft Plastics for Bass

Cranking Soft Plastics for Bass thumbnail

Cranking a soft plastic for bass can be a great technique in the late fall. I’ve had a lot of success with it recently this time of year. This technique is often referred to as “biffle bugging,” named after the bass fishing pro who made this technique popular. Here are the logistics of everything you need to know about cranking soft plastics for bass. Hopefully, it can help you get a few more bites when you are out on the water this time of year.
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Review: Bait-Tech Pro Natural Fine Lake Dark

Review: Bait-Tech Pro Natural Fine Lake Dark thumbnail

THIS Fine Lake Dark groundbait has been milled finer and made darker than the rest of the mixes in the Pro Natural Groundbait range.

Designed to attract species such as bream, roach, tench, barbel, chub and dace, it’s more of a silver-fish mix, for rivers and lakes.

Rich in coconut, molasses and hemp, it is a sweet mix, formulated to attract and hold fish. Coming with a super-fine texture, it binds incredibly well, enabling you to add maggots, casters, hemp and pellets, making it a perfect choice for feeder or float work.

Breaking down fast, you could also ball it in on a river, catapult it out on a natural lake, or trickle it in on a canal.

A versatile blend, it’s available in 1.5 kg bags.

Price: £4.49.

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History in the Making: Record Black Marlin from a Kayak – Dragged 10 Miles and Fought for 4 Hours: Record Black Marlin from a Kayak

History in the Making: Record Black Marlin from a Kayak - Dragged 10 Miles and Fought for 4 Hours: Record Black Marlin from a Kayak thumbnail

A New Record Black Marlin Caught From a Kayak at Los Buzos Resort in Panama When all the stars align, you could find yourself connected to a billfish of epic proportions off the coast of Panama – Adam Fisk found himself in that exact situation. Estimated by enthusiasts/anglers, Fisk’s black marlin is said to have been

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Bass Fishing: How To Catch Bass On Tough Days

Eat! Eat! Eat! Food is all that bass are thinking about in the Late Fall! These creatures know the cold season is coming and they waste no time filling their reserves with anything that passes in front of them. This time of year an angler can gain a ton of confidence in new lures by targeting bass that are anxious to feed. Need to learn how to catch bass on crankbaits, swimbait, jigs, etc? No problem! It all sounds wonderful until they shut down. All of a sudden you can’t get a bite, no one can, so what do you do now?

Today Tim breaks down his approach to catching bass that are shut down. Anyone can get a bite when the fish are chasing but knowing when its time to stop and adapt can be the difference between a great day and a frustrating outing. Knowing when to downsize to a dropshot, Neko rig, or other finesse bait is an art all its own. Tim explains the signs you need to keep an eye out for and follows it up with tackle recommendations.

Below is a breakdown of the tackle that Tim uses during tough conditions. When the fish turn negative, fish with confidence, knowing that you’ve adapted at the right time. The bass are still there and with a little persistence you can salvage your day on the water.

Dropshot Presentation…

Worm- Strike King Half Shell:

Hook- Owner Mosquito Light 1/0:

Weight- Vike Skinny Tungsten Dropshot:

Swimbait Presentation…

Swimbait- Keitech 2.8 Fat Impact:

Head- 1/8 oz Guppy Head:

Ned Rig Presentation…

Worm 1- Roboworm Ned Worm:

Worm 2- Z Man Finesse T.R.D.:

Head- 1/8 oz Owner Block Head:

Neko Rig Presentation…

Worm- Yamamoto 5″ Senko:

Hook- Mustad TitanX Neko Hook:

Weight- Swagger Tackle Pagoda:

Other Great baits when fish are slowing down…

Baby Brush Hog:

Man Bear Pig:

Roboworm 4″ Fat Worm:

Tim’s Favorite Finesse Combo…

Rod- G Loomis NRX 852S JWR:

Reel- Shimano Exsence 3000 Reel:

Line- 10 lb Power Pro Braid:

Leader- 6 lb Sniper Fluorocarbon:


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The 5 Best Neko Rig Baits – Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Here is a list of the five best Neko Rig baits for bass fishing. Plus, descriptions of how to rig them up, and the best gear to throw these Neko Rig baits on. The Neko Rig is a staple set up for catching bass in tough conditions on highly pressured water. If your struggling with what to use for neko rigging, this post will help you get started with the best neko rig baits to catch bass anywhere.

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