Float Into the Afterlife in This Coffin

Forget cremation, this is the way we want to be buried, as long as we can take our secret fly patterns and fishing spots with us. An Arkansas coffin maker, Glory Boats, is making caskets for the outdoorsman who wants to go out in style. They make a few different colors and can also do custom designs.

Hopefully, a drift boat model is in the works however there is no word on whether or not you can include a custom Yeti on the bow…

Source: CBS News. Glory Boats.

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Where Do Anglers Poop While Fishing On Their Boat?

A recent conversation with my 6 year-old nephew led me to a good fishing blog topic. When I told him I was out on the boat all day. His curious response was, “Where did you poop that day?”

Being a seasoned angler, I pooped at the McDonalds near the boat launch after my coffee, sausage mcgriddle, and 3 hash browns breakfast, like I always do. I know the drill.

But, for new anglers who aren’t sure what to do when nature calls on the boat, I’ve decided to run down your options. These are 7 acceptable places you can poop while you’re on the boat.

1. Back At The Dock
This is the obvious one. There are port-o-potties, sometimes even fully attended public restrooms. This is the most pleasant place to poop you’ll find at just about any lake.

2. In Your Bait Bucket
Transfer your bait to a different container, make potty in the bucket, and IMMEDIATELY close that lid. First dumpster you see when you’re back on land, toss the bucket.

3. Don’t Poop
One way to handle the situation is to just poop later. Pooping is 90% mental, just talk yourself out of it.

4. In The Trees
Pull up on a bank, and head into nature to answer nature’s call. Pro Tip: No TP? Try using a leaf or a sock.

5. Pull Up To A House
If you’re on your home lake, maybe you know someone with a house you can stop at to relieve yourself. If not, try your luck with a stranger. If you’re ever on Lake Mendota in Madison, hit up my friend Kevin. Tell him you’re with MTB and he’ll open up the guest bathroom for you.

6. Find A Yacht
If you’re fishing big water, chances are there’s a rich person somewhere nearby. Rich people ALWAYS have boats with bathrooms on them. It’s one of the best parts of being rich (I’m told). Just ask nicely, or trade them a few casts while you’re in there.

7. Your Pants
The emergency of all emergencies.